Tom Bilyeu helped build a Unicorn company — the peak for most entrepreneur’s career. But, the more interesting story is the fascinating genesis of his latest initiative, Impact Theory.

After working for years for some serial entrepreneurs, Bilyeu had worked his way into a 10 per cent ownership stake and Chief Marketing Officer role.

But, as he says, it was a “gruelling slog” because he did not believe in the company and it was affecting his happiness. Bilyeu approached his partners – planning to step away from the company.

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That was when the pivotal words were said: “We could do this without you, but we would rather do this with you”.

That sparked a reconnection to the people, the joy of the struggle, and the amazement of building something that can last. With that background, Impact Theory was born.

Listen to the full story here. Show notes are below:

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (2:50) Tom’s early experiences with entrepreneurship
  • (6:27) A valuable lesson on why passion matters
  • (8:51) On deciding to step away from a successful tech startup
  • (10:40) “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure”
  • (16:16) How Tom broke into the oversaturated nutritional protein bar market
  • (17:59) On building a community using social media
  • (19:36) How consistently dishing out small amounts of value can earn you access to a huge audience
  • (22:56) Tom’s counter-intuitive advice that’s bound to make some people angry
  • (27:57) Why the best possible time to build a business that matters is right now
  • (30:16) Tom’s next passion project that’s set to change the way entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality