6Estates Pte Ltd

ML/NLP Research Scientist

6Estates Pte Ltd

| Singapore

Salary (SGD) 5.5K - 8K

Full Time | 2 Applicant(s)

Posted: 28 Dec 2017

Skills required

Python, C, C++,

About Company

6Estates develops live marketing solutions by correlating relevant online & corporate data silos to provide intelligence for businesses to compete in the dynamic consumers market.

Job Description

We are looking for the right individual who has the passion and desire to crack the code for this very hot field in AI and Big Data.

6Estates engineers build tools and solutions that ensure the delivery of high quality software for our stakeholders. For someone who wants to learn and grow, this role provides you the unique opportunity to work along with all the experts of different fields.

As a Research Scientist, you will work with a team of talents to design and implement the algorithms to help better make sense of data in real world. Finally, you will integrate your amazing innovations and algorithms into our production system.


1. Proficient in Python or C/C++

2. Proficient in NLP technologies & the handling of unstructured text

3. Proficient in common ML algorithms and neural networks

4. Proficient in common ML frameworks, including theano, cntk or tensorflow

5. Master/PhD in Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing or related fields

6. Effective communication skills - Fluent in Chinese and English

Interested applicants, please send your resume to [email protected]