AiChat Pte Ltd

NLP Engineer

AiChat Pte Ltd

| Singapore

Salary (USD) 4.5K - 8K

Full Time | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 11 Jan 2019

Skills required

natural language processing, NLP, machine learning, python

About Company

A conversational AI startup providing bot-as-a-service platform for businesses to manage chatbots on popular messaging apps for ecommerce, customer service, marketing, CRM and data analytics.

Job Description

As a NLP Engineer in AiChat you will contribute to the development of innovative products, based on state-of-the-art technologies, and able to make a significant impact in the industry.


- Design and implement strategies for search engines in natural language.

- Analyze and implement strategies for data extraction.

- Build, train and refine NLP models customized for specific clients and scenarios.

- Perform comprehensive testing and QA on the NLP modules.

- Provide NLP support for English languages.

- Introduce new techniques, technologies and standards as needed.

- Contribute to the design and development of our products.

- Participate in the development and implementation of scalable, robust and fault-tolerant Python applications.



- Demonstrated experience with Natural Language technologies and engines (SPACY,NTLK is a plus).

- Knowledge about NLP processes (Entity Recognition, Parsing)

- Experience with Data Mining and Text Mining (Structured and unstructured data).

- Familiarity with Semantic Technologies.

- Experience in Python development and open source ML/math toolkits such as scikit-learn,TF, MLlib, NumPy

- Written and oral communication skills in English.

- MSc or BSc in computer science, engineering or a related technical discipline (or equivalent), preferred.


- Knowledge about OWL, RDF, SPARQL, semantic repositories,

- Knowledge about Ontology management and construction, reusing freely available ontologies.

- Knowledge about other NLP toolkits (Stanford NLP, CoreNLP, OpenNLP,gensim, NLTK,…)

- Knowledge on Speech Recognition.

- Experience with Java EE, Spring and Maven.

- Experience with implementation of REST APIs.