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Posted: 07 Sep 2016

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English, writing, journalism, reporting, people skills, tech, startup, Thailand, bangkok,

About Company

e27 is now the startup ecosystem's go-to platform for insights, connections, talent and funding opportunities. e27 also organises the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Job Description

e27 is seeking a Junior Writer, Southeast Asia to join its team. e27 is a media-focused company that educates and empowers internet companies in the Asia-Pacific region. The role involves conceptualising and pitching story ideas relevant to the Asian tech community, conducting interviews with a variety of sources (startups, investors, ecosystem stakeholders), writing timely news pieces and curating stories from around the web. Candidates may be based in Thailand.


The startup economy has come to Asia. As the region’s economy continues to shift towards the Internet, the tech scene in Southeast Asia has become one of the most exciting industries in which to work. 

e27, a leading tech media outlet based in Singapore, is seeking a Thailand-based Writer to help cover the industry with daily news, interviews with professionals with a multimedia approach. 

Creativity is a MUST! This means suggesting not only unique story angles, but one-of-a-kind approaches as to how to deliver interesting content. 

We are looking across Thailand for our next reporter and hope it can be you!

Your Job:

-Cover the daily happenings in the tech scene. This means, funding news, hirings and firings, country expansions, potential IPOs and those awesomely geeky tech development.

-Conduct and publish interviews. Write features on relevant people, products and companies.

-Offer an opinion! Every now and then we want your thoughts. Things happen in the tech scene, and not all of it is good. If something excites, angers or saddens you, be willing and enthusiastic to write about it.

-Collaborate with editorial team to ensure a smooth process and an interesting product on the whole.  


-A background in tech. Meaning a previous history of personal interest, employment or nerd-level knowledge on tech happenings.

-High-level English-language writing skills. Do you have to be a perfect native speaker? No. We will edit articles. But, there needs to be an ability to be clear, concise and clever.

-An understanding of the speed necessary for a daily news outlet. For example, we publish, on average, a total of over 12 articles per day.

-A love of reading. There is no such thing as a good writer who does not read.

-Being a generally good person. This is important.


-Work in a startup atmosphere. This means a certain amount of flexibility, but also a higher expectation of performance.

-Start your career! You will make many connections that will be fruitful for many years to come.

-Write,write,write,write,write. Are you serious about becoming a professional writer? This job will get you well on your way.

If you have written stuff — published or unpublished — and are looking for an in into journalism, we promise you this: e27 will be a great nesting ground to nurture your aspiration.

If you're keen, send in a CV with links to 3 writing samples (in English), and some paragraphs explaining:

Why do you want to work for us?

What is your favorite Southeast Asia startup, and why?

If you have to invent a new technology, what would it be?