Junior Correspondent (Indonesia)


| Indonesia

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Full Time | 14 Applicant(s)

Posted: 23 May 2016

Skills required

Writing, copy editing, basic interview skills

About Company

e27 is now the startup ecosystem's go-to platform for insights, connections, talent and funding opportunities. e27 also organises the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Job Description

e27 is media-focussed company that educates and empowers Internet companies in the Asia-Pacific region. We're a global team that's young, vibrant and thinks outside of the box. Besides being the thought leader on trends and news analysis in the region, we also run the top notch tech conference Echelon in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. 

As our reach is growing fast, we are looking to bring correspondents from across Southeast Asia on board to help take our editorial team to the next level.

If you are a fresh graduate looking to begin your journey in the wild and wacky world of beat reporting and have a passion for startups, tech, and all that jazz  – we want you! 

  • Conceptualise and pitch story ideas relevant to the Asian tech community
  • Conduct interviews with a variety of sources (startups, investors, ecosystem stakeholders) 
  • Write timely news pieces, curate stories from around the web 
  • Collaborate with editorial team to ensure smooth site operations 
Must Haves:  
  • Some experience of writing and reporting experience for the web 
  • Degree, diploma or training course in Journalism/Mass Communications
  • Can hit deadlines like nobody's business 
  • Actively involved or at least looking to be involved in the local startup scene
  • Active on social media with a minimum of 150 Facebook friends (real Facebook friends please)
  • A voracious reader – be it online publications, business books or novels (50 Shades of Grey automatically gets you disqualified)
  • Some experience working in a remote role (telecommute / freelance)
  • A nice combo of a team player and solo adventurer; great at working with people from various cultural background
  • Embraces the written word with the passion of a thousand suns 
  • Fantastic sense of humor and can take the hard knocks in life
  • Flexible working arrangements and travel exposure 
  • Acquire regional business & startup knowledge
  • Opportunity to build relationships with C-level execs in the tech industry 
  • Build your credibility and network in the regional business and Internet industry 
  • Ultrafast progression and work environment where creativity and ideas flow 

If you have written stuff — published or unpublished — and are looking for an in into journalism, we promise you this: e27 will be a great nesting ground to nurture your aspiration.

If you're keen, send in a CV with links to 3 writing samples (in English), and some paragraphs explaining:

Why do you want to work for us?
What is your favorite Indonesian startup, and why?
If you have to invent a new technology, what would it be?
And tell us about your favorite book and news portal!

Apply directly or e-mail Anisa Menur A. Maulani, Correspondent (Indonesia), at [email protected]