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Data Scientist

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| Singapore

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Full Time | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 06 Mar 2019

Skills required

algorithms, PyCharm, machine learning, mathematics, python, engineering algorithms

About Company

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Job Description


• Have experience with image processing analysis

• Research and development experience with deep learning algorithms

• Developed a real-world project centered on machine learning algorithms as a developer or team leader

• Ability to design and implement appropriate machine learning algorithms based on product or customer needs

• Experience with engineering algorithms

Skills & Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree or above, major in computer, statistics, information engineering, mathematics or similar field.

• More than 3 years of work related to data processing analysis, data modelling, and building machine learning algorithms

• Proficient in python and machine learning related libraries sklearn, numpy, pandas, etc.

• Understand and be able to use Java language

• Understand the principles and advantages and disadvantages of various machine learning algorithm principles such as linear regression, tree model, support vector machine, neural network, etc.

• Proficiency in various data extraction query tools such as SQL, Spark, MongoDB, etc.

• Proficiency in related programming tools: PyCharm, git, Linux, bash, etc.

• Team workers who know how to share and collaborate. Able to listen to opinions and ideas