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Regional Account Acquisition Specialist

Find Your Next Office

| Malaysia

Salary (MYR) 3K - 4K

Full Time | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 30 Oct 2018

Skills required

CRM, SAAS, Telephone skills

About Company

Asia's leading office rental marketplace for flexible and conventional workplace. Find a desk , room or entire floor for your team today anywhere in Asia.

Job Description

You will be part of a dynamic team that will build and capitalize on synergies across industries so as to capture the opportunities that new growth drivers bring to regional markets in Asia Pacific , namely Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong in the mid- to long-term. You will use innovation methodologies and tools to develop an understanding of the needs of our customers ,new industry opportunities and create & customise workspace solutions for our customers.

This position is an individual contributor role. The candidate will be responsible for charting the development of specific growth sectors and ensuring close collaboration with the CEO on the organisation’s business growth and innovation process.

Your Roles And Responsibilities Are, But Not Limited To below:

Engage leads, companies and their staff to gather insights and develop understanding on their workspace needs in a particular city.

Analyse and synthesize findings to value match with our ever growing database of vendors and partners, creating a fast growing synergy.

Arrange office tours, follow up ,negotiate with both parties for a mutual agreement.

Acquire partnerships with regional workspace providers and create a robust relationship.

Contribute to our innovation process through learning on the job and refinement of the internal process, so as to achieve a cutting edge data and system platform among our peers.

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for the common good for the company.

To meet the challenges of this role, you must have/be:

2-4 years of relevant working experience; with applications of

1. Great working knowledge of CRM , cloud SAAS and similar tools.

2. Great telephone skills

3. Highly organised and disciplined team member , in executing all goals and objectives on plan.

4. Highly motivated to participate in new growth plans and campaigns, with a strong ability to develop and execute ideas and initiatives

5. Keen learner with a strong interest in trends, future industries and technologies

6. Team player who communicates and collaborates effectively to deliver successful outcomes

Chosen candidate is expected to earn a basic and with great commission incentives and possible equity stakes.