Senior Events Coordinator (Hong Kong)


| Hong Kong

Salary (HKD) 13K - 15K

Full Time | 0 Applicant(s)

Posted: 09 Nov 2018

Skills required

Events Management, Project Management, Communication, Presentation skills

About Company

Decentralisation is not just a technological revolution, it is a social movement, a cultural phenomenon waiting to explode. We want to put power back in the hands of the people.

Job Description


We are looking for an experienced events coordinator that is able to organise blockchain and cryptocurrency networking events in the fintech sector in Hong Kong. You will be responsible for venue and menu selection and the overall success of the event.

You will have to understand and work with the proposed budget for the event, doing and presenting the research on the best combination for quality and cost. You will manage all the event operations (venue preparation, sending of invitations, staff coordination, etc) to ensure the smooth running of the event. Should any issues arise, you will be able to resolve it quickly and calmly.

It is imperative that updates be sent to the regional events manager using the relevant company systems. It will also be good to have a wide network of vendors that you are able to tap on and maintain a good relationship with.


- Excellent coordination and organizational skills

- 3-4 years of experience in coordinating events in Hong Kong

- Has experience in managing a team to plan out and execute an event

- Verbal fluency in English and Cantonese with a good ability to negotiate

- Able to handle stress and remain calm

- Good problem solving skills and make good and quick decisions under pressure

- Able to work in and lead a team and on an individual capacity

- Be able to use relevant Microsoft Office software for the organisational and communication aspects required of the role