PT Jualan Online Indonesia (Bang Joni & BJtech)

Software QA Engineer

PT Jualan Online Indonesia (Bang Joni & BJtech)

| Indonesia

Salary (USD) 8M - 10M

Full Time | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 05 Sep 2017

Skills required

sql, php, java, software testing

About Company

PT Jualan Online Indonesia is an artificial intelligence company and runs BJTech as their technology’s name. BJTech has two chatbot products, Bang Joni and Cinta.

Job Description


Ensure the highest quality standard is met for products cleared for deployment to production.

Understands all the testing concepts and different testing methods/techniques and applies them on their respective products.

Design and maintain test case documents for the products under test.

Identify functionality and UI bugs on testing environments and document them with proper reproducible steps and supporting evidences.

Should be able to use test automation tools to automate redundant test cases.

Should be able to use web and mobile debugging tools like Firebug, logcat, etc.

Should be good at logical and analytical thinking.

Open to learning more tools and technologies and taking up higher responsibilities (e.g.: playing scrum master).


Software testing (Manual, Automation, Mobile apps testing).

Database fundamentals (SQL).

Good to Have:

Knowledge/Experience in scripting or programming using java, python, php, etc.

Knowledge/Experience in Selenium, TestNG, Appium, etc.

Knowledge/Experience in testing APIs using tools like SoapUI, Postman, etc.

Knowledge/Experience in conducting performance tests using tools like load runner, jmeter, siege, apache benchmark, etc.