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Posted: 11 Jan 2017

Hiring Content Writer

Salary (EUR) Not specified

Skills Required: Experience using Twitter and LinkedIn, Sharp attention to detail, Enthusiasm for B2B marketing and demand generation, Ability to share writing samples


    Writes and coordinates content for internal or client-facing newsletters, white papers, blogs and key customer stories

    Researches subject matter online, develops story outlines, references reliable source material

    Contributes to the companys social channels (with emphasis on Twitter & LinkedIn), and seeks out opportunities to engage with influencers

    Helps plan and implement social marketing campaigns for specific marketing goals

    Stays up-to-date with best practices in writing for the web, social media trends, web usability, web design, and business/industry trends

    Juggles several content projects at a time, turning in new content and constructive edits in a matter of hours

    Writes or edits internal and external communications including announcements, press releases, corporate reports, presentations, technical documentation, and sales enablement materials as needed


    Degree in Marketing or Journalism

    Passion for creative content generation

    Experience using Twitter and LinkedIn

    Ability to write a story for Business explainer video examples

    Sharp attention to detail

    Enthusiasm for B2B marketing and demand generation

    Superior English writing and editing skills

    Ability to share writing samples

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