Android Developer


| Singapore

Salary (SGD) 800 - 1K

Internship | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 15 Apr 2019

Skills required

Android, APIs, SDKs

About Company

SilverActivities develops meaningful digital activities that keep seniors and people with dementia engaged and active.

Job Description

Internship opportunity

We need help. As an early stage startup, we are forced to do too many things at the same time. So, you will get to be part of a fast moving team that plans well in advance but at the same time reacts quickly to changes. We need someone who is very driven, independent and a self-initiator.

SilverActivities aims to develop meaningful activities that stimulate the minds of our seniors and persons with dementia. Activities in daily life such as puzzles or memory games are essential to engage and retain cognitive abilities. The activities can also help to strengthen residual capabilities and retrain skills important for independent living.


You need be proficient in Android, APIs and 3rd party SDK integrations. An experience and knowledge of backend tech like nodejs will be preferred.