Unicus Solutions Pte. Ltd

Growth Hack Specialist

Unicus Solutions Pte. Ltd

| Singapore

Salary (SGD) 1K - 1.5K

Contract | 0 Applicant(s)

Posted: 06 Dec 2018

Skills required

digital marketing, seo, social media, growth hack tools

About Company

A one-stop,hassle-free, trustworthy & comprehensive platform for parents to explore & book kids activities, camps & events across Singapore - World's 3rd most lucrative market in kids learning space!

Job Description

 We are looking for a Growth Hacker intern to join our Singapore based start-up

What Others Think You Do

You spend your days writing funny Facebook posts about cats and analysing people’s favourite things to search for in Google

What you actually do & how you get it done

As a Growth Hacker, you attract new customers and generate revenue by leveraging different types of advertising. That means:

You’re responsible for advertising campaigns on Social Media and Search Engines

You develop, set up and analyse campaigns for efficiency and response

You underline your choices with clear reasoning and unquestionable data

You build, measure and learn: experimenting is the key to great results

You share your insights, learnings and the results

You continuously stay up to date with new developments

We ask

A few years' of experience working on Social and/or Singapore based campaigns

You to develop your talent by continuously learning and experimenting

You to unleash your passion and drive while always taking full ownership for everything you do

That you’re already somewhat experienced with social advertising platforms

That you have excellent language skills in English

That you love data and have a talent for great analysis

That you can stay firm on content without jeopardizing professional relations

That you are able to see the big picture but also have eye for detail