In an event sponsored by Red Dot Ventures and PayPal two weekends ago, the hackers over at HackerspaceSG hacked out softwares such as to manage membership in Hackerspaces, as well as a door access system that can be remotely accessed by the admins of the space (i.e. they can open the door for visitors without being there).

With over 60 percent of the attendees being non-members, the future sure looks good for HackerspaceSG.

Below is a short interview with Ruiwen, one of the founders of HackerspaceSG.

Why did HackerspaceSG organise Hackdo?

It’s been almost 3 years since HackerspaceSG was started, and along the way, like any other project, we’ve accumulated cruft around the edges that were holding us back. HackDo (the hackathon) was us putting our feet down and committing to clearing out the cruft, allowing us to be leaner, cleaner, and therefore, serve the community better.

Amongst the tasks tackled at HackDo, were the general cleaning up of the space, including clearing out old junk that had accumulated, putting in a new door access system, and improving our membership tracking system (also called HackDo).

Where do you see HackerspaceSG heading?

HackerspaceSG has become home to hackers from all walks. We’ve seen the usual technical hackers, software, and now hardware. We’ve seen bio hackers, food hackers, artists and musicians come through our doors. We’ve hosted events featuring local and international names. And we’ve also been a large part of community events like BarCamp and GeekCamp that drive knowledge and learning here in Singapore.

In all, I think we’ve had a good run for the past few years, and we definitely look forward continuing to serve as a home for the hacker community here in Singapore. Looking forward, I think we would definitely welcome younger hackers to join our ranks. We already see the beginnings of a movement, as students in schools have started appearing at events like the recent GeekCamp, so hopefully that will continue till a point where we’ll see these young hackers regularly at HackerspaceSG.

What drives you to do all these stuff?

When we first started HackerspaceSG, it was nothing more than for the reason that Singapore needed a place like that, and I think that still holds true today. Granted, there are far more hacker-friendly places in Singapore now than when we first started three years back, but I’d like to imagine that there’s still value in focusing on growing the warm community that revolves around HackerspaceSG. I think the community is proud in the knowledge that we’re creating something of value for the community here, and that’s something we look forward to doing.

Anything else you want to mention?

Come join the HackerspaceSG if you already haven’t, and if you have, let your young hacker friends know about us!