KKday CEO Ming Chen

Taiwanese travel-experience e-commerce platform KKday today announced that it has raised a US$10.5 million Series B funding round led by Japanese travel giant H.I.S.

The funding round also includes participation from existing investor MindWorks Ventures.

Commenting on the investment, KKday CEO Ming Chen said that H.I.S, with its network of 130 cities worldwide, will also serve as a strategic investor in the startup.

“By utilising H.I.S.’s global resources and integrating it with KKday’s strong marketing and big data programmes, we will be able to change the in-destination travel operations model,” he said.

KKday will use the new funding to grow its operation across Asia; it plans to further improve its position in China and expand into the Asia travel segment of both US and European segment.

It is also looking to enrich current product offerings, offer personalied itineraries, and improve its end-to-end customer experience.

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“KKday will be focusing on improving the customer experience and strengthening our relationship with our suppliers. These two strategies are highly related. You can’t improve customer experience without having an amicable relationship with the supplier,” he said.

KKday said it currently curates “more than 1,000 unique experiences from over 500 cities and 80 countries with over four million visitors and serves a few hundred thousand travellers each month.”

Previously, it has raised a US$7 million Series A+ funding round led by Monk’s Hill Ventures and AppWorks.

Following the funding round, it has expanded to Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Image Credit: KKday