If you are a fan of cloud storage, you would have heard of Dropbox’s recent Space Race. The program aims to entice students to sign up with Dropbox while helping each other get more storage space. Closer to home, Kleii, Asia’s Dropbox, has also initiated a similar program supporting more than a thousand schools in Southeast Asia.

Kleii’s aim is to offer support to the schools that were missed out by Dropbox. Where Dropbox’s Space Race supported only 30 schools in Vietnam, Kleii’s supports over 300 local education institutions and more in the region. Kleii sees this as the opportunity to own a share of the cloud storage pie in Southeast Asia.

According to Nguyen Tuan Son, cofounder and CEO of Kleii, the top five countries where Kleii users come from are Vietnam, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil and Thailand, in descending order.

Since launching five months ago, Kleii has half a million visitors per month with 30 percent of them returning visitors. Kleii is also in talks with undisclosed global market players that could potentially see their service installed on over two million devices in Asia. Other distribution methods that Kleii is exploring it to integrate with Vietnamese social networks, a move that sounds similar to Dropbox’s partnership with Facebook to allow file sharing in groups.

Understanding the lack of online payment infrastructure in the Southeast Asian region, Kleii has also integrated with multiple alternative payment tmethods. This allows Kleii’s users to not only subscribe and pay for premium plans via their credit cards but also through ATM cards and game credit cards. Providing such features allows Kleii to be ahead of its Western rivals as they understand how to cater to the local needs.

The Kleii team has also added Elan Oren as president. Elan was the CEO of media and file sharing client iMesh. He also founded LeanWay in 2004, a data streaming and event processing solutions design and development company, that was sold to Amdocs for US$10 million two years later.

Image credits: Kleii