Updates: Co-founder Michael’s comments on how the Klik Eat team is learning from the experience of their investors.

Indonesia’s online food delivery, Klik Eat, announced today that they have received investment from Japan’s Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai. The JASDAQ listed company operates the biggest online food ordering service in Japan, Demae-can, with over 11.200 restaurant listings. Klik Eat was the winner at Echelon 2012’s Indonesia Satellite.

Yume no Machi sees the investment in Klik Eat as a strategic move into  the Indonesian market that holds high potential for the online food ordering business. According to the press release, the Japanese public listed company sees the steady improvement in economic development, consumer buying power and Internet access making the fourth populous country in the world a very attractive market in Southeast Asia.

With this investment, Klik Eat will add Rie Nakamura, President of Yume no Machi, and Masateru Kaneko, the Yume no Machi’s financial accounting manager, to their board of directors. Klik Eat’s three co-founders Michael Saputra, Andrew Pangestan and Willy Haryanto will continue to be involved in the daily operations of the business.

According to Michael, “We’re learning a great deal of restaurant acquisition strategy, optimal delivery operation and customer buying behaviour. Our new website livebeta.klik-eat.com is one of the example of our development team’s effort to incorporate Demae-can’s input on customer buying and browsing behaviour. I believe our new site is more user friendly, easier to navigate and easier for customers to place a delivery order.”

Klik Eat was founded in 2011 and launched its online food delivery business in January 2012. Their service allows customers to order directly online, via phone or through instant messaging services. Klik Eat currently has over 175 restaurants listed on its site and has sent over IDR1.8 billion to its partnering restaurants.