Michael Smith (Smitty) saw the layoffs coming, but we didn’t know to what effect. But now we do. As part of Yahoo! latest decision by the new CEO, Scott Thompson,to drive innovation within a leaner, more agile company, a worldwide layoff of 2000 of the company’s employees was announced just two days ago. Nearer to home, Koprol, part of Yahoo! Indonesia, could arguably be the one that was hit the hardest by this round of job cuts, and the entire team was let go.

So who is Koprol? Koprol is a Indonesian based startup that was acquired by Yahoo! back in May 2010 for an undisclosed amount. For those who are not too familiar with Koprol, we describe it as the Foursquare of Indonesia, and we wrote about Koprol’s story back in December 2009. Back then, there were a lot of focus and limelight towards the Valley, and the South East Asia region was not given much attention. If you look at this list of Yahoo!’s acquisition, you will notice that the Koprol acquisition marked it’s first move into the South East Asia market. With Yahoo!’s sudden acquisition of Koprol, that significant moment placed South East Asia onto the map for investors and venture capitalist, sending a message that says, Hey, maybe the next big thing will come out from this region. Earlier last year too, we did a writeup on the story of Koprol on their acquisition.

With the acquisition of Koprol, a handful of talented engineers and designers based in Indonesia joined the Yahoo! family. We definitely wished that Koprol’s would not end up the same fate as all of Yahoo!’s other failed acquisition, but now with this layoff, that seemed to be the case, and the entire Koprol team are now available for hiring and freelancing jobs.

Smitty, who was one of the key person who made the Koprol acquisition happen, personally vouched for the Koprol team on his latest blogpost, saying that :”These are awesome people and any company would be blessed to have some of these people.” Rama of DailySocial too put it in his blogpost saying: “These people are web developers, designers, mobile programmers etc, and I’ll say this: Yahoo! Indonesia had the best engineers for Internet products.”.

So if you are looking for talented developers and designers, here’s the full list of the Koprol team made available by Satya Witoelar, the founder of Koprol. While it may be a gloomy day for Yahoo! Indonesia and the Koprol team, I am actually quite excited about what might each of the Koprol team members do and where will they go next. We will be keeping a close eyes at these talented group of engineers, who knows, with this new influx of talents back into the Indonesia community, they might just come up with the next big thing.

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