With an accounting background, Larry Weltman joined AccessEasyFunds (AEF) in 2007, an Ontario-based firm that provides commission advances at affordable prices to Canadian real estate agents and brokers. Since then he has played a vital part in helping the company grow and attract new customers. Larry is also the founder of Weltman Consulting, which specializes in providing strategic planning, administration management consulting, and marketing consulting for Canadian real estate professionals.
During his time with AccessEasyFunds, Larry Weltman has had the opportunity to watch realtors expand their business using AccessEasyFunds and its commission advance service as a key financial tool. In helping his customers, Larry has demonstrated an understanding of each of his customers’ needs and how to help advance their goals in a marketplace that can be full of change and sometimes uncertainty.
Larry has also made reaching out to new and potential customers to be a rewarding part of his day and makes it a priority to understand his customers’ industry and what realtors need to succeed in today’s real estate marketplace.
Larry is committed to staying up-to-date with what is happening in the real estate sector so that
he can better understand his customers’ needs.
Outside of work, Larry is dedicated to his physical fitness. In addition to working out daily, he
has competed in races and triathlons like the 1992 Ironman Canada competition. He is also a
big fan of watching European soccer and spending time with his wife and children.
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