Laura Florencia
Oil and Gas Technical Inspection - Project Controlling - Engineering Management - Start-up Enthusiast - Fintech


Efficient and reliable technical administrative professional with 3+ years of experience as a Project Control in a well-known Technical Inspection company with oil and gas sector speciality.

I am proudly saying that I am a part of a well-known Technical Inspection company in Indonesia, PT Dimensi Barumas Perdana (DBP) from my first formal job experience as a Junior Report Engineer. We are craving for technology and our services such as Acoustic Emission, Robotics Inspection and UT Testing always performed with highly skilled personnel and it using latest inspection technology updates. Their website, in accordance with a partnership with Structural Insight:

Oil and gas sector always interesting for me, with all up and down matters. Albeit with all the experience and project I've done, I found myself also interested in a start-up and FinTech. I am ready to cross-border the sector and bring the bold things from what I experienced into the new experience on the go.

Laura Florencia:
1. Determination in every action (being tenacious)
2. Not perfect nor perfectionist, but in everything I do, I need to be always satisfied, by put myself in other's sock
3. Always love what I do
4. Keeps do the right things without being asked
5. Not blame others for my wrong action
6. Choose my own action (attitudes and moods)
7. Take initiative
8. Responsible, by keep doing right things even when NO OTHER IS LOOKING.


Operations Manager - Indonesia


Oct, 2018 ‑ Present

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I'm based in

Bandung, Indonesia