Lenovo splits into two groups, Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group, to be more competitive.

Since Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, it has seen a steady growth of success and has done well so far. However, according to CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s brand has been on the mainstream and low-end market as compared to the Think brand which is considered the best asset in the company. He commented that it is their only brand that can compete with Apple in the high-end market. As a result of these varying brands, he has decided to split the company into two groups known as Lenovo Business Groups (LBG) and Think Business Groups (TBG) to support its new branding.

This split will be effective April 1st and LBG will be headed by Senior Vice President (Mobile Internet Digital Home) Liu Jun. He will focus on mainstream consumer and business desktops, laptops, and tablets, as well as smartphones and smart TVs. On the other hand, TBG will be headed by Senior Vice President (Product Group) Dr. Peter Hortensius. He will focus on staying ahead of the game in the global commercial business. This split is essential to better compete with the highly competitive market for personal computer business.

Lenovo has fared well in this business and is ranked second in Laptop Mag’s ranking in 2012 and Mercury News agrees that the Thinkpad is among the best available. According to an update by DisplaySearch, Lenovo proves to be one of the four major manufacturers that has planned to increase its 2013 notebook PC shipments. Not only that, a staggering 31 million units are targeted by the company and this shows a stark difference to companies like Dell which is lowering the 2013 shipping target to 16 million units from 25.3 million units in 2012. Even Acer is lowering its 27 million units to 24.5 million units in 2013 and HP from 36.5 million units in 2012 to 29.5 million units in 2013.

Make way for the Lenovo brand and Think brand for this coming year!

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Image Credits : Tweaktown