This year’s Asia Top 50 Apps came to a close at Accelerate@TECHVENTURE with the award ceremony. With over 160 nominations, more than 25000 votes in Facebook “Likes” and Google “+1” and participation from over 10 countries, e27 together with SingTel Innovation Exchange (SiX) are happy to write this in the books as a success and a new milestone completed. Then again, nothing is more important than the lessons learnt throughout the whole event and we are taking this forward to the next edition if it is held again next year.

This year’s edition differed slightly from the first Top 50 Apps. Instead of finding the just Top 10 apps, we decided to short list the Top 50 based on the number of public votes. These Top 50 were then asked to submit a product pitch and 3 screenshots of their products to a panel of judges who would award the Most Valuable App, Rookie of the Year, Design of the Year and Solution of the Year. There was also the People’s Choice Award which went to the most liked app during the voting period. So here are the results:

Most Valuable App: Lobangclub

Rookie of the Year: Moglue

Design of the Year: Pocket OneMap

Solution of the Year: GreenPost

People’s Choice Awards: JNPhoto by Justin Ng Photography

The rest of the Top 50 list can be viewed here. We had a tie for 50th place so there are 51 apps in total. We will be sending the respective award badges to the winners soon.

So what did we as the organizers learnt?

  • Always listen and respond to the community. It shows that you respect their feedback and it makes them feel appreciated for the effort.
  • Use a proper voting system. No half-assed work here.

We also faced some issues and we think that they are important to note:

  • Later nominees have less time to gather votes – Should have a sparate nomination and voting period if possible.
  • There was feedback that “Likes” were being bought by paying people to like the app – Not exactly cheating since there is no hacking here. We are honored that people take this seriously enough that they will offer incentive for likes. Open to suggestions on how best to address this.
  • Using Facebook “Likes” closes of the China and Vietnam crowd. – Will have to see if there is a better system.
  • A feedback said that if you sent the app’s URL via direct message through Facebook to yourself, you can vote multiple time through the same account – Tried that but it did not work for me. Will have to take a closer look at that system the next time as we got this very last minute in the final hours of voting.

Looks like this edition of Top 50 Apps have taught us a lot on the community. Looking forward to bringing a better awards next year. Do drop us an email at joash[at]e27[dot]sg if you would like to add on to the feedback. Congratulations to all the winners and the Top 50 apps and also a big thank you to the community for their support and enthusiasm. We’ll leave you with the photos of the winners and the people behind the awards.