Lyra Reyes
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A writer whose interests include travel, macroeconomics, current events, horribly gory action movies, WWE, Philippine ethnic weaving, beer, and books of all kinds. I spend an awful amount of time consuming general knowledge content instead of sleeping, which is probably why I only remember the weird stuff.

My love for writing and travel led me down the path of content development and light packing (I can seriously pack 2 weeks worth of life stuff in a 15L backpack. Feel free to ask me how).

I absolutely love discovering tech that makes things easier for me to retreat back to my books and the novel I've been trying to write. Which can also be translated into: I love tech because I use it to minimise direct contact with people and send a message to my parents once in a while to reassure them that I'm still alive.




Nov, 2016 ‑ Present


STORM Technologies

Jul, 2014 ‑ Apr, 2016

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I'm based in

Pasig, Philippines