Lyra Reyes
Writer at e27

Spent four years studying Economics thinking that I would either go into law or deeper into the global economy rabbit hole. Ended up spending the first five years of my career in sales, (which is entirely different from the government-leaning economics I studied in school) wherein the only school lessons I was able to fully apply were the Pareto Law and the Cost-Benefit Analysis.

After a meltdown and much discernment, I went off to pursue my two greatest loves: writing and travel. This led me down the path of content development, random travel, freelance writing, light packing (I can seriously pack 2 weeks worth of stuff in a 30L backpack. Feel free to ask me how), and, interestingly enough, the Philippine tech start-up space.

I enjoy learning about new tech, even if learning how to navigate a new smartphone in less than a week is already a huge, huge feat for me. And I absolutely love finding tech that makes things easier for me to retreat back to my books and the novel I've been trying to write.

My goal is simple - to compel people to do the things that they have always wanted to do through my words and photos. Also, to build an empire.



Nov, 2016 ‑ Present

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Pasig, Philippines