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M Maheen Kannu
Logistics Practitioner |Incubator | Mentor | Founder Director - Springforth Capital Advisors | Director In3 Ventures


I am a logistics practitioner with over 3 decades of experience in logistics & supply chain management. I've worked in various vertical with two of the largest supply chain management companies in India - Gati Limited & Transport Corporation of India Limited.

I intend to use all my learning, my rich experience & my vast network of connections across a wide gamut of industries (logistics, pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, alternative energy to name a few) to help upcoming startups that need guidance & direction. I am actively involved with a couple of startups that show real potential for growth along with necessary drive to achieve their goals.

I look forward to work with innovative & disruptive ideas that can help change the look & feel of logistics & supply chain.

Some of my core competencies include:

Comprehensive knowledge of conventional transport, high end express distribution, logistics & supply chain management, strategy development, product innovation, team development, planning, implementation, aggressive business development drive through team participation. I also provide incubation & mentoring for disruptive business ideas.
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I'm based in

Bangalore, India