Malaysia-based startup Reapfield Technology, the company behind FLEXIROAM, has today announced receiving MYR 750,000 (US$230,000) through a product development and commercialisation grant (PCF) from Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC).

Researching and developing a roaming (MiFi) device for FLEXIROAM will cost US$530,000 in the next one year. The company’s services currently entail allowing users to make or receive any call for free or at a flat rate per day while abroad.

“Just as how the iPod had changed the landscape of the music industry, this gadget will be the next big thing in the international roaming industry,” said Jef Ong, Founder and CEO, FLEXIROAM, in an official statement via an email newsletter.

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The device, according to the entrepreneur, will enable travellers to have both unlimited voice and data access without the hassle of changing SIM cards or phones. At the moment, most MiFi devices only provide data.

Nicholas Yeap, VP, Sales and Marketing, FLEXIROAM, said that the device is expected to be launched by mid-2015 for travellers across the globe. It will also be priced affordably, claimed the three-year-old company.

In 2013, e27 reported that FLEXIROAM secured US$152,000 in a grant through Malaysia’s Cradle Fund to expand its call roaming services. At the moment, the service is available for travellers from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, UK, Canada, Indonesia and Hong Kong.