REV Asia

Leading Malaysia-based digital media group REV Asia (which has well-known Malaysian entrepreneurs such as 500 Startups’s Khaliee Ng, Catcha Groups’ Patrick Grove and KFit’s Joel Neoh on its board of directors) has announced it has acquired three popular Malay content portals, Siraplimau, Myresipi, and Kongsiresepi.

The acquisition was made through a Sale and Purchase agreement between its 70 per cent-owned subsidiary, Rev Lifestyle Sdn Bhd and the holding company that owns the portals, Dua Marhalah Sdn Bhd.

Siraplimau is a lifestyle portal where Malaysian women can discuss on a variety of lifestyle and family issues such as pregnancy, parenting, beauty and health.

Myresipi and Kongsiresepi are platforms to share food and cooking tips. Users and bloggers submit their recipes which get aggregated onto the websites.

Bringing these three new portals into its fold will help REV Asia broaden its reach into the Malay speaking online community – and in turn, significantly boost its user base. It will also be focussing on driving up revenue by introducing sponsored content as well as other SME content offerings to these portals.

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According to Internet analytics provider, Comscore, Dua Marhalah’s network of websites are consistently placed in the top 10 Malay websites visited by Malaysian Internet users. Google Analytics reported a total of 5.6 million page views and 1.7 million unique visitors across, and for the month of November 2016.

“The acquisition will add to the constantly growing audience that REV Asia Group has, put us in a strategic position to widen our distribution channel to better serve our advertisers and customers, and deliver growth rates that correspond to the size of Malaysia’s growing revenue in sponsored content,” said Voon Tze Khay (“Tze Khay”), General Manager of REV Asia.

“As the content marketing pioneer in Malaysia, we are very excited with these new prospects, which will enable us to cement our position as the No. 1 Digital Media Group in Malaysia.”

Earlier this year, REV Asia made inroads into Malaysia’s Chinese online community through the acquisition of Chinese social news and content websites, Viralcham and Rojaklah.