13 Sep, 2017

Dextr: a better keyboard app + smarter keyword delivery for brands & businesses


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Dextr is

A. A Better Keyboard
We ALL use our mobile keyboards for ALL sorts of activities ALL thru the day. Yet this tool is plagued with usability glitches that slow us down & mess us up.

So Dextr applies human scale usability to:
• Cut the learning curve from months to minutes
• Increase texting speeds by over 100%
• Decrease errors by 50%
• Improve efficiency by 70%

B. Smarter Keywords
Rather than "blind guesswork" Dextr can take the word suggestions we generate for our users ("expressed intent") and turn them into active keyword searches:
• Finding brands & advertisers matching those keywords
• Delivering non-intrusive, non-interruptive ad units
• Displayed only at the user's request

C. Greater Relevance
The ads we deliver map exactly the thoughts, words and actions our users express during their everyday conversations. They are are:
• Sent in real-time
• At the "moment of expressed intent"
• In formats that maximize brand impact and fulfillment potential


Dextr: a faster, simpler, smarter mobile keyboard app; generating better keywords, delivering more effective mobile advertising through the power of suggestion.

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