Telstra-backed accelerator muru-D has announced that nine startups will join its first programme in Singapore after a grueling selection process.

Each startup will receive S$40,000 (about US$28,457), access to six months of business support, a place to work located in the middle of Singapore’s central business district, and introductions to mentors, coaches and investors.

Update: In return, startups will give muru-D six percent of equity. 

The two-year-old accelerator muru-D started out in Sydney, Australia before it ventured into the Southeast Asian country in April this year. Annie Parker, Co-founder, muru-D, had then noted that Singapore was chosen because of its “fast-developing startup ecosystem, pro-business policies and access to local capital”.

In a more recent release, she noted, “We were blown away by some of the ideas coming through the muru-D doors, which showcased the very best technology innovation and creativity from across the region.”

Charlotte Yarkoni, President, Telstra Software Group, and Co-founder, muru-D, said that the accelerator is a way for the telco to grow its brand globally and be a part of the “rapidly expanding” startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia.


The nine startups are:

AdHero: The social media advertising company helps connect businesses with “content experts” from various industries to come up with the best message for target audiences on Facebook. First, business owners fill out a campaign brief on AdHero. Then, the brief gets sent to experts who will send in their campaigns. After which, AdHero will select the best campaign, and send the business owner the “best performing ad”.

Apvera: This startup uses machine learning to understand how users interact in order to predict “future security breaches”. This helps companies deal with security threats by looking into irregularities in services and applications.

Cardable: Imagine all your credit and debit cards on one platform. This startup combines recommendations and analytics for cardowners in Asia.

GCALL: Want to sell or buy regardless of the country you’re in? GCALL is an e-commerce platform that seeks to allow that without fussing about differences in languages used.

investorz: This is a Thai startup that wants to help people — whether experts or novices — learn how to better invest and become an even more skillful trader.

Maxine: Law firms and company secretaries can use this platform to come up with complicated contracts and documents.

sendhelper: Those looking for trustworthy cleaners, rejoice! This mobile app company matches people with housekeepers while removing the middle man from the picture. “You relax, we clean” is the mission.

Stash: This Filipino startup cares about the way people find doctors. Through its SaaS platform, the company is matching patients with healthcare professionals.

Vendi: Vending machine operators can now monitor and market their products through this solution that also allows users to make purchases from an app.

e27 has reached out to muru-D for more details on the programme. Stay tuned for more updates.