Four products — Brand’s InnerShine, couple app Between, music streaming service Deezer and period supplies delivery service PSLove — have launched, a new social network for encouraging messages and pick-me-ups.

What’s wrong with the existing social networks like Facebook and Twitter? An official statement noted, “Social network services have created a hyper-connected world, yet people remain more disconnected than ever.”

By allowing visitors to see how their friends and family members are feeling with an “emotion measuring platform”, acts as a way for people to be loving towards one another. For example, users can cheer up friends who are feeling down with an upbeat song, an encouraging message or even a virtual gift.

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The campaign aims to reach a million ‘love’ sent. ‘Love’ can come in the form of a message, specially designed badge or even a song chosen from Deezer. “It is wonderful how music has the power to evoke positive emotions and feelings during stressful times, and as a result, (it) enhances one’s well-being and health,” said Steven Frank, Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific, Deezer.

Featured Image Credit: Agnes Kantaruk / Shutterstock