Meet LoveGrid, a new social network developed to cheer you up

Four brands have come together to launch LoveGrid. The network aims to hit one million ‘love’ sent. How can one send love? Find out

By Elaine Huang


Four products — Brand’s InnerShine, couple app Between, music streaming service Deezer and period supplies delivery service PSLove — have launched, a new social network for encouraging messages and pick-me-ups.

What’s wrong with the existing social networks like Facebook and Twitter? An official statement noted, “Social network services have created a hyper-connected world, yet people remain more disconnected than ever.”

By allowing visitors to see how their friends and family members are feeling with an “emotion measuring platform”, acts as a way for people to be loving towards one another. For example, users can cheer up friends who are feeling down with an upbeat song, an encouraging message or even a virtual gift.

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The campaign aims to reach a million ‘love’ sent. ‘Love’ can come in the form of a message, specially designed badge or even a song chosen from Deezer. “It is wonderful how music has the power to evoke positive emotions and feelings during stressful times, and as a result, (it) enhances one’s well-being and health,” said Steven Frank, Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific, Deezer.

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  • PSLove
    PSLove Singapore PSLove was launched in 2014 and its main operations are based in Singapore with retail operations in the United States and Malaysia.

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