William Bao Bean, SOSV Managing Director and the head of Chinaccelerator, one of China’s most successful accelerator programmes, is the managing director for another mobile-only programme.

It is called MOX, and its goal is to help the best mobile startups go cross-border and reach up to 130 million potential users.

On January 2nd, the programme kicked off its second batch, which included companies from the US, Russia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

“Our goal has been to help the best mobile startups go cross border into mobile-first, mobile-
only markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America,” said Bean.

“This batch represents the best of the best, and our goal is to help them reach 130 million users.”

The Demo Days will be held on March 7 in Taipei and March 9 in Singapore.

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Let’s take a look at the batch!

Elsa (San Francisco)

Elsa stands for English Language Speech Assistant, and it is pretty good acronym of a startup that helps people with their pronunciation. The mobile app is acts as a personal coach with feedback, a dictionary and a curriculum to make users ‘accent free’. The company is based in San Francisco.

Eristica (Russia)

Remember ‘truth or dare’? Or that horrible Hollywood movie Nerve? The Russian startup Eristica is bringing it to life with a mobile app that allows people from across the world to create dares, accept challenges and post/watch proofs of their accomplishment.

Seems pretty fun.

Everyday People — also known as Mankind Media (Singapore/Thailand)

Social media marketing is essential for any business in 2016, but for people without a tech background figuring out how to monetise the various platforms can be simply a guessing game.

Everyday People is building a social media marketing tool for the general public, and wants to help anyone with an account monetise the platform.

Mfoto (Hong Kong)

This multi-media social app wants to seriously upgrade your videos and photos. The goal is to take regular photos or videos and upgrade them into “movie-like” products.

LOTADATA (San Francisco)

As the name would suggest, the company is a data analytics tool that provides segmented backend analysis for apps, businesses and smart cities. The statement on their website is as follows:

“Transform mobile signals into insightful intelligence about why people are where they are and what is on their minds.”

migme (Singapore)

Longtime e27 readers might react with a ‘What!?’ when they see migme on this list (the company is publicly listed anyways). But this one needs some context.

In August, migme partnered with MOX to integrate migme’s mobile Android clients into MOX’s SDKs for payments and advertising across their platform.

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migme issued SOSV shares and a portion of the revenue earned through MOX’s platform. So, with this kind of partnership, it makes sense that migme would then participate in the core function of MOX as an accelerator programme.

Veooz (India)

Veooz is a news personalisation app that analyses around 100,000 news, blogs and magazine sources to find the best news for the person. The feed is based on the people, places and interests that the user follows and is available in English, as well as various Indian languages.


Photo courtesy of MOX