Meltwater ups their marketing suite

With almost everyone on the web, including your 70 year old grandmother, social media marketing is of utmost importance to almost anyone running a business. Social media marketing suites help users keep tabs on conversations and engage the audience effectively.

Meltwater, a provider of online intelligence solutions, today announced an upgrade of their social media marketing suite to Meltwater Buzz 3.0. This aims to help social media marketers keep track and be involved in conversations across the web in large communities and better execute campaigns which deliver real marketing return of interest (ROI).

Version 3.0 will also aim to provide key improvements that social media community managers can take advantage of to move smoothly, from a typical top-down monologue to a dialogue.

Joel York, executive director of marketing and product at Meltwater, has highlighted the challenges involved in monitoring engagement.

“Trying to monitor millions of social conversations and engage thousands of social influencers at a personal level is a huge challenge. As we move from traditional monologue marketing to social dialogue marketing, there is a clear need for an efficient, social mission control console. Meltwater Buzz helps marketers build social communities and create campaigns that drive viral word-of-mouth for real social ROI.”

Noteworthy features include an all new user experience for increased efficiency with new community analytics to measure and grow social communities, and comprehensive analytics upgrades for a clearer outlook of how social conversations and social media channels were being conducted.

By using social media intelligence, Meltwater also managed to help GP Batteries, a huge Hong Kong batteries company, to turn its PR disasters into money making opportunities, allowing them to break even within three months of being in the e-commerce scene.

Image Credit: Meltwater