Memes are not only for kids and college goers. They can be used as a strategic tool for marketing or build publicity for any business websites. Memes are fun and can also help build content for any blog or a business website.

Though memes are a straightforward medium, they can help businesses gain levity and some personality to their blog or any article. They can bring life to a dry and niche subject like business or even finance.

Share on social sites
One of the major advantages of memes is that you can share them on any social networking site. Due to the visual nature of memes, in my opinion, Pinterest could be the best medium for them. Add to it the comic element , which can can result in hundreds of re-pins.

Ranking high posts
Memes are an example of modern creativity, which can enhance the value of one’s website. With proper meme values, one can easily rank for meme related keywords and other keywords, related to the site. Associate your blog/s with the trend flourishing. A little bit of knowledge in website designing services and image editors can work wonders sometimes.

Meme generating tools
If you are a newcomer in the meme creating segment, online tools can be your one stop solution. Memes are mostly categorised under two segments – favourite memes and random memes. Choose the one that matches your working style and budget plan. You can also avail the “Do It Yourself” kit from various meme creating sites, where a minimal amount needs to be paid for creating your own memes. There are mobile apps too that can help create memes.

How to create memes
Creating a funny punch line, which will go well with the image is the first step. Online websites have multiple meme creating tools and are priced minimally. You can decide to create your own meme or recapture an existing one. After you have chosen the caption for your meme, the next step is to upload your picture on the meme creator.

Of course there are professional meme creators too, if you are too lazy to go the DIY way or are a novice.

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