According to the creators, the app has largely replaced text messaging for users who have downloaded the app so far. Currently in beta, the app promises more than just text messaging. Perhaps taking inspiration from other established messaging apps, MessageMe allows users to send pictures, video, voice and music. Stickers are also a future feature, and we believe the creators also plan to use the service for sending money (like BBM Money). These two features are currently greyed out, though.

MessageMe supports person-to-person chats as well as group chats. The app can pull your contacts from your address book or Facebook account, and gives you a “PIN” which other users can use to add you to their contact list. I’m not too much of a fan of PINs, though, as you have one other thing to take note of, on top of your email address and telephone number.

What I like about MessageMe is its support for sending Doodles. This is something that most other established messaging apps do not currently support. It let users send drawings to the other end or to the group. It also supports sending “locations,” which can be either your current location or any location pulled from the device’s map. This can be useful for setting up meet-ups and meetings amongst friends and correspondents.

Other than that, the creators promise that the app “doesn’t drain your battery like so many other apps that purport to allow sharing in a similar way.”

Of course, the question here is whether the market for instant messaging apps is already becoming saturated. I think not. Even as Facebook Messenger theoretically has a market of about a billion users, other apps are still thriving, and it’s a matter of offering value to their users. And it’s a matter of how quickly groups and networks sign on. For instance, our editorial team shifted from using WhatsApp to LINE for our IM-based collaboration because of simultaneous cross-device support. Perhaps if MessageMe offered a unique selling point for users, then the app could easily gain traction.

MessageMe is launching at 6PM HK time tonight at the iTunes App Store and Google Play.