Michael Chen


My name is Michael Chen, I was born on September 18, 1980, at 12:15, China. I began to study Astrology in 1997 in general terms (Chinese zodiac, European, ascending calculus, zodiac psychology, etc.) and in 1999 I went to the in-depth study of Astrology (astrograms analyzes and interpretations).

I began to study astrology at age 16, on my own, after the first books that had appeared on the market. With the pencil in hand, with the reporter and the echer, I calculated the first maps. Of course, I can not say that I was then an astrologer in all the power of the word. That's when my initiation began in the secrets of the radio. I started collaborating with the local radio stations from that time in Beijing. I had two passions that grew together, harmoniously. It followed, years later, the newspaper work where I wrote for a long time. Among many others are the daily horoscope and a weekend supplement with astrological predictions for the week ahead, lest the love of my life be split.

"I have never been a man well-oriented in space and time, I am rather the kind of person able to wander in my own room. That may also be because for me it has always been more a different kind of geography, less concrete, without measurable coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds - geography of souls, mountains, valleys and gullies, rivers and seas between people, unseen paths Binds or separates them, that fluid fluid and so pregnant that flows between beings, unseen but vital, the confluence of information and energy, love and light. "
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New York, New York, United States of America