Redmond-based Walid Abu-Hadba on Stage

Redmond-based Vice President Walid Abu-Hadba on stage

A  session held on the 15 May for Indonesian local startups, “Microsoft BizSpark Startup Night” witnessed the presence of a special guest speaker, Walid Abu-Hadba.

The Palestinian-born tech executve, who was also the main presenter, is the Redmond-based corporate vice president, developer and platform evangelism group at Microsoft.

In his 40-minute talk, shared about Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform“Windows Azure” and how he leads efforts in building vibrant solutions ecosystems through technical evangelism, community engagement and audience marketing.

Hadba invoked a new perspective into audiences when he challenged app designers to think about cloud design first amongst other things during app design. Afterwhich, think about how and where to deploy.

“Design the app and cloud as if it will scale up unlimitedly. Never limit yourself or you will suffer. Microsoft offers public, private and hybrid cloud services because it sees the Asian market as very appealing due to its highest 67 percent adoption rates for cloud computing, which is comparitively higher to 61 percent and 57 percent adoption rate in the US and Europe respectively,” says Hadba.

Those who join the BizSpark program will be entitled to technology access such as necessary software, documentation and white papers, trainings in both technical and business aspects. Startups will also be listed in Microsoft marketing collaterals to be circulated all over the globe.

Another program introduced is BizSpark Plus. Targeting small and promising firms, it provides full hosting worth US$ 60,000 Windows Azure for free, instead of tech access, software (such as MS SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET), training and publication as mentioned earlier under the BizSpark program. Azure, an open and flexible cloud platform, proffers unlimited servers and storage so one can scale their applications to any size based on the needs.

Hadba also mentioned Windows Azure Store where developers can build, submit, and share their codes and apps with other developers. Another store is the Windows 8 Store (widely known as Windows Store) which is currently designed for Windows 8 Beta (also known as Consumer Preview.)

Although the long-awaited Windows Phone store will be available for Indonesians soon, no exact date as given as Microsoft Indonesia declined to disclose the information.

Combining developer platform, tools and ecosystems of the respective developer-centric company, the store which was first announced in September last year offers up to 80 percent revenue share for apps sold. Set the price in local currency and our piece will be available in more than 100 languages. The currency conversions and local tax laws will be handled by the store. Pricing model is flexible and rewards popular apps with a better percentage of the net receipts while delivery options include in-app purchases, trial versions, in-app adv, and third-party transaction services.

Lastly, Hadba highlighted as a site where one can find everything  – videos, samples, design, codes, guides, roadmaps and tutorials – in order to develop a Windows 8 app.

The 3-hour event was wrapped up with showcases from Mobile Game Development Studio Nightspade, KOMPAS app for foodie SajianSedap, City lifestyle directory Urbanesia and a presentation by Agate Studio – all lead by Microsoft Indonesia Developer Evangelist Norman Sasono.