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(Credit: The Vine)

Microsoft has launched the preview of, an entirely new and modern mail service for users. By revamping the whole personal email look from the datacenter to user experience, Microsoft has created a new email service for the next billion users.

First highlight of the preview includes modern experience for modern browsers and devices which boast user-friendly interface that is spontaneous to use, works across your devices with Exchange ActiveSync and reduces up to 60 percent of pixels in the header and allows 30 percent more messages visible in your inbox. According to Chris Jones from the Microsoft team, “Email represents 20 percent of the time we spend on smartphones, and is used extensively on tablets as well as PCs. Outlook is designed cloud first, so all of your mail is always available wherever you are”. The best part is, there are no display ads or the large search box which usually take up a lot of space.

Social networks are incredibly popular and takes this opportunity to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and soon, Skype, in order to stay connected with friends and family. With this new feature, it allows users to handle these social media and communication tools at their best with the ability to view pictures of friends, messages, status updates, chats and call. All these are powered by up-to-date contact list which literally mean users can check emails while staying connected with updates from peers and family.

Second highlight includes being a smart and powerful email service. Engineered to work like a smartphone, it automatically sorts messages from contacts, newsletters, shipping updates and social updates. With Sweep features, users can move or delete them in a matter of few clicks. If that is not enticing enough, has thrown in several free services including Office Web Apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as SkyDrive. Skydrive enables users to attach photos, documents or any files at all with no attachment limit.

Everyone loves to be in control of their own lives and this service allows users to keep their personal mail personal. No one likes to spend their extra time sifting through spam and removing unwanted ads in attachments. This is the final highlight as there are no more ads in person-to-person mails and no scanning of personal mails to serve ads which can really cause wastage of storage space and in some cases, breaching of privacy. It even has great tools for power users who love tweaking and personalizing their personal emails.

Even though many new features have been included, the basics of have not been compromised such as virtually unlimited storage and industry-leading spam protection. The best part is, everything in is free.