andy zainOne of the active figure in the Indonesia startup community is serial entrepreneur Andy Zain. According to SGEntrepreneurs, he has just been added as mig33’s new executive director.

Mig33 is headed by Steven Goh, and is a social entertainment platform company headquartered in Singapore. Currently, the platform serves more than 65 million users, 33 million of these users from Indonesia.

Andy Zain joined mig33 back in June. He is also the director of The Founder Institute Jakarta. Prior to his current appointments, he also cofounded Polaris Network, the first wireless hotspot service in Indonesia; Elasitas, a platform provider and mobile VAS company; and PT Numedia, a go-to-market solution for mobile and Internet companies.

When asked to comment further, mig33 Steven Goh said that they have some other board members coming on board and they will be putting another release out later. So stay tune for this update.

Steven also recently shared his views on cultural differences when hiring for startups. He advises startups in Singapore and Asia against falling for the trap of hiring from big corporations, saying Silicon Valley startups are in a different setup compared to those here in Asia. It will be interesting to see who else will be joining mig33’s board.