It only takes until 2014 for a few wine connoisseurs to come up with a device to simplify the arduous and expensive process of wine-making. Enter Customvine CEO Kevin Boyer (also Founder of Boyancy) and Chairman Philip James (also Founder of Lot18), who recently introduced the idea of the Miracle Machine online.

This device is a sleek-looking accelerated wine-making machine which, according to the site, “uses an array of sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps to provide a controlled environment for the primary and, as needed, secondary fermentation stages.” Basically, the Miracle Maker saves you the hassle of buying/renting basement space and tidying it up to make it a perfect environment to create your brand of Merlot or Pinot Noir.

So how is it used in theory? First off, the user puts in the grape concentrate, yeast, and the rest of the ingredients via Amazon and the Miracle Maker site (once the option is up and running). Then, users download the Miracle Maker app onto their iPhones and Android to choose the style of wine they want to make. Users will have to wait three days until the wine’s done and ready for consuming. They can monitor the process through the app whenever they want.

If you prefer a visual aid in motion, check out the introduction video to the device below:

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Simple, right? At this point in time, the Kickstarter page to make 2000 Miracle Machine devices will launch in a week or so. We can imagine that support for this device through conventional investment means is tough. Wine-making is a closely-guarded secret that has been passed down from generations upon generations. In their mindset, the last thing they need is a bunch of startups making the trade so readily accessible for households.