The Malaysia Satellite for Echelon 2011 wrapped up on Thursday, April 21 at Zouk Kuala Lumpur with info-location aggregation service Feed George winning the People’s Choice Awards.

There was a good mix of start-ups that made their pitch – ranging from consumer mobile apps to rethinking our global postal address system – with several of them impressing the judges, who thought the presentations were “better than expected”.

Feed George, which aggregates all geo-data onto one map – including restaurants, emergency locations, tourist spots, and locating twitterers around you – was the crowd favourite, fending off close competition from, a service that allows users to buy and sell unused and unsold tickets from cinemas, concerts, and other events.

The pitches presented occupied various areas in the technology field. Besides Feed George, other pitches in location-based arena included food-discovery app WootFood and Posttude, a service that replaces conventional geolocation markers like postal codes, latitude, and longitude with a 13-number geotude that acts like an IP for the location.

The e-commerce vertical was represented by 31Storey introducing its social fashion e-commerce platform to bring together the various fashion blogshops under one site.

In the social gaming arena there were innovative takes and remixes of current ideas brought on by FanXT, and WorkCrowd. FanXT allows users to play fantasy sports that aren’t available in the US, such as F1, golf, tennis, soccer and rugby, while mimics the “capsule toys” game virtually, except that each capsule contains a real-world reward such as restaurant discounts, free beer, and samples.

WorkCrowd introduced social networking to the office space, creating a Facebook-like social platform that encourages co-workers to socialise, collaborate, and recognise achievements through virtual badges.

Other pitches included, which sold itself as a “Google Adsense” for mobile apps to allow sellers better visibility in the marketplace, and to enable buyers to discover more useful applications. And finally there was Second CRM, a customer relationship tool for small companies who don’t have experience in such matters, and may not have the budget for premium services like SalesForce.

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