CyberAgent Ventures once told Touchten Games, an Indonesia-based mobile game company, that the Japan-based investment group is not interested in funding a “game studio”.

However, Anton Soeharyo, CEO, TouchTen, managed to convince them otherwise, and secured them as a lead investor for a Series B round.

The turning point, according to Soeharyo, came when the startup dived into the casual mobile game publishing scene, with third-party apps like Soccer Girl Adventure and Paws Attack.

At the same time, Touchten has been working hard to push download numbers for Ramen Chain, a Japanese restaurant simulation game on iOS and Android devices. Soeharyo tells e27 that they have about 40,000 daily active users for Ramen Chain, and a large majority of the traction garnered can be attributed to Thailand, followed by Indonesia.

Soeharyo also says that Touchten is working on a number of titles, which will “have awesome written all over it”. Unfortunately, he is not able to disclose information about upcoming games.

In 2011, Ideosource, a Indonesian venture capital firm, had invested US$1 million in Touchten to extend the game company’s network and marketing spend.

Having been in talks with CyberAgent for over two years, Touchten will be adding Suzuki Takahiro, Head of CyberAgent Ventures Indonesia, to its board of directors.

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Takahiro says that there are three reasons why CyberAgent Ventures had chosen to invest into Touchten. Firstly, the Japanese investment group sees a potential in smartphone games in Indonesia.

Secondly, it also believes that the Touchten team has years of experience in all areas of smartphone game development. This ties in with its third point, which is the ability to scale future game platforms for smartphones. He says, “We also believe this platform can be adopted into other emerging markets in the future.”

He adds that the company is looking for investors who can dispense advice and inspire them to do an even better job. He says, “The typical investors that we finally get to work with are those who let us work on our own, and give us the freedom to run our company. It is very important that our investors has limited interference (with) what we are doing, because we are looking for a ‘partner’ (and) not a ‘boss’.”

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Soeharyo declined to specify the investment amount provided by CyberAgent Ventures. However, he says, “With the amount raised, finally we can take a long break from fund raising, and build great products!”

The company is still looking to close the Series B round and will reveal participating investors in due time.

In lead image: Dede Indrapurna (CTO, TouchTen), Rokimas Putra Soeharyo (COO TouchTen), Liauw Oswin Liandow (Investment Manager CAV Indonesia), Anton Soeharyo (CEO, TouchTen), Tajima Soichi (President CyberAgent Ventures), Suzuki Takahiro (Head of Jakarta Office CAV), Steven Vananda (Investment Manager CAV Indonesia)