Femina Female Entrepreneurship Program

Social commerce site, Multiply has sealed the deal with Indonesia’s leading female magazine Femina to provide more support to local female entrepreneurs looking to go digital.

Famously known as the platform for women novelists to get the latest fashion trends and household recipes reference, Femina readers are mostly aspiring modern females aged 25 to 35 that belong to the middle and upper class in Indonesia.

The magazine organizes a ‘Female Entrepreneur Program’ yearly where talented female businesswomen in the country can be identified and selected for expansion opportunities to enhance their businesses further.

Other than that, the annual program offers seminars and workshops under similar topics. Launched four years ago, the program will ultimately invite 25 to 40 years old women entrepreneurs in Small Medium Enterprises (SME) fields to compete for promotional entitlement, trainings, mentorships and venture financing.

Creative products, prospective business and potentiality of growth are key parameters of the program. There will be prizes categorized in the form of eco friendly, social and local indigenous-based entrepreneurship.

As for Multiply, they expect to have more businesses utilizing their platform with this parnership. This is in hopes of buliding and strengthening their online presence, which by now has hit 85,000 sellers (dominated by women) with 2.3 million registered users and seven million unique monthly visitors. Today, the platform itself has support numerous methods of payment ranging from ATM, e-banking, mobile payment and recently announced credit cards.

Dubbed as the largest online market in the nation, Multiply has been actively educating people about the e-commerce market and supporting the sellers’ community. Back in May, e27 wrote about idEA, reporting that Daniel Tumiwa was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Board.

Furthermore this year’s top 25 finalists have been officially announced. Those participants came from various industries, such as food, fashion, education, financial services, consultancy, design, and event management. Special mentions were awarded to two finalists, QM Financial’s Ligwina Hananto and Lazuli Sarae’s Maretta Astri Nirmanda.