10,000 Recipes (만개의 레시피), one of the most popular recipe apps in Korea with a database of over 80,000 recipes, has announced that it has exceeded 7 million cumulative app downloads.

10,000 Recipes has been popular since its launch in January 2012 and continues to be loved by users who regularly cook, with more than 100,000 monthly average downloads. This is the largest number of app downloads for mobile recipe platforms in Korea.

10,000 Recipes uploads two new video recipes each day to make users easier to try out new dishes and now has a total of over 1,200 images.

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The videos can be easily found on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, and on video platforms such as YouTube, Naver TV and Kakao TV.

Lee In-kyung, CEO of 10,000 Recipes, stated: “I think it is an important time to grow into a company that can move forward faster than it is now. We’ll continue to work hard and focus on developing various cooking contents.”

Company Overview

10,000 Recipes provides various services such as competition, cooking class, blogger experience, display advertisement, video production and distribution, to companies of all size.

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It is currently the No. 1 cooking application in Korea, recording 7 million app users and 1915 recipe makers.

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