The Scene, Many Years Back

As usual, everyone in the office was busy responding to emails, while some were reading their favorite novels and comics through their company-issued laptops. Others were chatting through their instant messenger apps.

I had just attended another endless manufacturing quality issues meeting with the team, and I was finally able get back to sit in my cubicle. A ton of tasks was piling up ahead.

As I started sipping my favourite Nescafe coffee leftover from earlier in the morning, my colleague, who had just done watched a YouTube video, updated me what he had watched in the office.

Then I saw other colleagues at the corner side discussing where to have the lunch later, and some even planning for the night activities.

I wondered: Why don’t they just focus on their tasks and get it done fast instead of hanging around in the office and being unproductive employees.

After several months working in this company and gaining a few new friends over here, I had become closer to them and we started talking about things. From our conversations, I found out some of my colleagues were paid poorly by the company, and that’s why they were demotivated and unproductive. Half of them don’t give their 100% effort in their jobs.

Things were still the same after several years. Later on, I was promoted to a higher-level engineering position. I got an increase for the promotion, but the increment barely competed against market inflation. I hardly save any money for my own future, not to mention planning for the next level of lifestyle or starting a family.

I began wondering if this is the right path that I should be following. I wanted to have higher pay job, wherein it is sufficient for me to start a family and living the comfortable life. I wanted to support my  parents effortlessly and have sufficient emergency funds, as well as enough funds to travel comfortably with friends.

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Then the Journey Began

Six years back, in July 2012, I started taking a path that few people had walked. I began my own auto website business and worked a lot in internet marketing. Time and money are heavily invested in this field.

While my colleagues and friends were enjoying every weekend watching movies, hanging out, and geting drunk, I stayed at my house to work for my goals. There were countless of times where I had grown tired and wanted to give up, but the desire to get out of becoming an employee was so strong and eventually pushed me to continue.

I was still working on my website every day after my day job finished, and also during the weekends. I did not know whether I was going to successfully achieve my desired lifestyle, but there is one’s thing for sure that I knew: I won’t regret in my life later on because this is the best I could have done.

Launch, Recognition and Hard Work

Fast forward to November 2018, I successfully launched my startup Car RC, and I am working full force on it. I am working with several automotive business associations and insurance companies, as well. My startup was even recognised by renowned organisations, such as Futurelab, Acat, Autobuzz, Aurizn, Paul Tan, etc.

I was invited to an award recognition from Exabytes, and featured as mentor in Futurelab. Various startup from Singapore like Carmen and Neurons are collaborating with me.

Throughout the entire six years of hard work — especially with a full time job, and working on my sub project during the nights and weekends — it was never easy. If I wasn’t passionate about all things automotive, and if I did not believe in my ideal and myself, I would have given up earlier. Hustling alone when everyone is out there partying or watching movies and playing games is lonely.

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Reflecting back, I am glad I continued to pursue what I am believing until today. These POSITIVE results would not appear if we give up early. 

Jenny Wong Suan Tin & Kelvin Ang

The lesson that I’ve learned along the journey is to keep working it out and stay focussed on your goals. Along the way, you will get a lot of rejection, hate, loneliness, and stress. Take a break in between to rejuvenate, and keep working and pivoting the process along the way!

The truth: you may achieve your goals or you may fail, but you won’t die with regret. I would rather fail than regret!


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