The holiday season is upon us, which means companies across the world are trying unique, quirky and occasionally stupid marketing videos.

The goal is to present a company as laid-back, fun and a brand that cool people want to be associated with.

The problem is viral trends like the Ice-bucket Challenge, Harlem Shake or (the still-reigning king) Gagnam Syle can be traps — a tantalising opportunity for a company to be “cool” that ends up revealing a try-to-hard lameness.

This year’s version would undoubtedly be the Mannequin Challenge — a viral fad in which participants don’t move and someone uses a cell phone to create an effect of a one-shot cinematographic effect. Since blowing up in the fall, it has since been ruined by every person imaginable; from Hilary Clinton to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Singapore’s P2P marketplace Carousell decided to take on the challenge (sorry, couldn’t help it), and nailed it.

So what did they do?

First, this isn’t a Mannequin Challenge. There is far too much movement, the song is wrong (Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles is the only song that can be used) and unless I’ve gone crazy, this is not shot with a phone.

But that’s what makes this good. The dancing is fun to watch and the music fits the vibe.

Plus, it has some ‘personality’ when the kids are, quite literally, doing the opposite of staying still (at about 30 seconds one boy takes a swig of soda, another gets his hip-hop on and a girl steps off of a moped). But, all that is great.

Second, and more importantly, this is what ‘community building’ looks like when it is done properly — from both the perspective of marketing but also the more altruistic motivations behind the strategy.

Carousell went to Dwi Emas International School in Malaysia and received help from teachers, parents, dance students, employees and even social media influencers to launch the project. About 170 people took part in the Mannequin Challenge and this was the kickoff to something the company is calling the ‘Carousell Tour’ in which the company will be holding events like this across Malaysia.

While, yes, it pushes the Carousell brand to more people in Malaysia, it does so in a way that is actually fun for the people involved — regardless of whether or not Carousell was involved.

That is the end-goal of community building, to host events that people want to attend, regardless if it is organised by Carousell or Uncle Joe around the corner.

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So nice job Carousell, this is the best marketing video we have seen this holiday season.