One of the most valuable tools e27 has built over the past few years is our contributor tool. It has allowed us to publish opinions from VCs, life-stories from entrepreneurs and commentaries on the startup ecosystem.

One valuable piece of content is when people write advice columns. Every piece of advice can be that extra nugget of gold that makes the difference between a good week and a terrible week. It is especially helpful when entrepreneurs help other entrepreneurs to grow the ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at 11 e27 advice columns that stood apart.

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What I learned about procrastination while scaling my startup to 4.2M users

A dirty secret about life is that procrastination is not about laziness. In fact, it is a telling sign that the task does not fall high on the priority list. Procrastination can be a useful tool for understanding how to prioritise work.

That being said, as a startup founder, sometimes a job just has to be done, regardless of personal priorities. In this article, Aytekin Tank explains the unique challenges of procrastination when bootstrapping a company.

He then provides useful advice for any entrepreneur who needs that extra jolt of motivation.

Focus on productivity, not efficiency

It is fantastic to be efficient, and people spend a lot of energy trying to perfect their lives into a streamlined picture of perfection. But Hari argues that, instead of doing more with less, we need to focus on doing more with the same.

But what does that mean? Thankfully, this post is full of useful advice.

Looking at customer experience through the customer’s eyes

How does a startup figure out “what the customer wants”? It might be the most important question for any startup but the answer is always elusive.

KT Prasad has written a contributor post explaining the role of social media, why omni-channel matters and the value of setting benchmarks for a brand.

How to acquire your first 1,000 loyal users and get them to actively use your product

Startups always want to know the silver-bullet for finding their first 1,000 customers. In 2019, the product might be great, but if the buying experience is sub-par it will impact customer loyalty.

This article includes tangible steps like pursuing a pilot, finding a product-market fit, iterating and, yes, spending.

FAQ: Paid-up capital and incorporating in Singapore

The articles above have covered macro strategies about general business direction. But what about specific technical questions? This guest post by Hans Teo gives tangible information about setting up a business in Singapore.

Did you know that it only takes S$1 (US$0.75) of capital investment to incorporate in Singapore? This is just one of the awesome nuggets spread around this article.

Your digital self might be highjacking your real life, but here are ways to deal

Startups are driven by an internet-based lifestyle. For most of us, it is how we pay our bills, support our family and find personal value. However, this can convince us that our digital self is who we are in the real world. This could not be further from the truth.

In an article by Bhupendra Sharma, readers will learn how break our digital habits, and remind us that we are models for our children.

Why fasting is the ultimate productivity hack for entrepreneurs

Intermittent fasting has become a ‘thing’ in the modern tech economy. It is very popular and people across the world I finding certain benefits from the practice.

Venture Capitalist Adrian Li takes the reader through his journey with intermittent fasting, explains the science behind the lifestyle and how it can actually increase energy over the long-haul.

6 books every entrepreneur can learn from

Books! As much as we try to find pieces of wisdom in short articles, YouTube videos and coffee meetings, books still remain king. For people who truly want to learn a skill, it will be nearly impossible without reading at least one book on the subject.

For entrepreneurs who only have so much time, they need to be pointed in the right direction. This list of six books is a fantastic place to start.

We analysed the hiring trends of Southeast Asia’s top e-commerce players, and here’s what we found

Hiring is a constant and consistent challenge. Nobody has really found a silver bullet and it continues to perplex companies at every stage in their history. One important aspect of the process is understanding the trends within your industry.

iPrice, an online shopping aggregator, analysed the hiring trends in the e-commerce industry and passed them on to our readers. One thing we learned… e-commerce companies are looking for long-term experts.

These 9 famous startup failures have a lesson for you

The reason failures are valuable is because they provide an opportunity to learn, and become a better company. But, why not learn from the mistakes of others so you can avoid the pain?

This article brings in stories from companies like Jawbone, DopplerLabs and Wonga to help you learn why they failed and avoid the same pitfalls.

Want investors to come to you? Do these 3 things

Getting investor’s attention can be a challenge, but it is the first part of any fundraising process. While there are obvious tricks like cold-emails and spray-and-pray, there are other more subtle ways to attract investment inquiries.

For example, speaking engagements are an out-of-the-box strategy that could make a huge difference in attracting interesting partners.

Also, author Akarsh Dhaiya explains why it is valuable to build a digital footprint.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash