Forgot to bring a newspaper? Photo: Shitter

For just US$35 sh*tter will send you four rolls of 2-ply toilet paper with tweets from your nominated tweeter on it.

According to Shitter’s site, you can get toilet roll based on any Twitter feed, which means you can enter someone else’s name and get a roll of their Tweets.  The service, whose slogan is “social media has never been so disposable” has already gotten an order from twitter UK’s office, and has been making headlines around the web earning profiles on sites such as The Next Web and VentureBeat. The service was set up by four Aussies who are now scattered around Australia and New York; David Gillespie, Johny Mair, Ian Ha and Matthew Delprado.
They claim they started the service to put a smile on people’s faces after they realised how ridiculous some of the content on social media was.