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Koprol rumoured to partner with Telkomsel – Dailysocial reports that Koprol is set to ink a deal with Telkomsel, the biggest telecom operator in Indonesia. This partnership would enable Telkomsel users to download Koprol application from their AppZone. Earlier, we reported that Koprol is rumored to cut a distribution deal with Nexian, the largest handset manufacturer in Indonesia.

National University of Singapore (NUS) partners with Tsinghua University in Beijing to launch NExT Search Center – This center has been set up to carry out in-depth research on various search technologies, frameworks and applications.
The center is supported by $10 million funding from Interactive Digital Media Program Office (IDMPO) in MDA and another $10 million contribution in kind from both the universities. The primary objective of this search center is address the inadequacy in managing the growing wealth of data, that are not indexable. Applications of this research include, traffic tracking and monitoring, event tracking and re-construction, monitoring and summary of events and sentiment analysis in blogs and major forum sites.

WizFolio launches web-based, iPad compatible application – WizFolio is an online research collaboration tool for knowledge discovery. With WizFolio, one can manage and share research papers, patents, journals, documents and even YouTube videos. For its iPad application, WizFolio has incorporated the multi-touch capabilities to provide for an easy and elegant way to manage your research information; PDFs can be displayed with a single tap and rapidly browsed by swiping.

Reuters: Blackberry’s end is nigh – RIM’s share of the US smartphone market is being rapidly eaten up by iPhone and Android handsets. It’s now down to 41% from 55% a year earlier, while iPhone and Android handsets are up to 49% from 23% in the same period.

Event: Fowab no. 3 in Bandung, Indonesia – The theme is, ‘The rise of startups in Indonesia’, and it features three eminently credentialed speakers: Dailysocial’s Rama, Urbanesia’s Selina Limman and Koprol’s Satya Witoelar.

Nick Burcher’s Facebook stats by country – Indonesia has the third biggest population of Facebook users in the world, with a phenomenal growth rate of 300% year-on-year, according to stats compiled by Zenith Optimedia’s Nick Burcher, who oversees the media agency’s social media unit. Plenty of data porn for those who like that sort of thing.

Singapore entrepreneurship survey – The Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore is giving away a Nintendo Wii if you help them with their entrepreneurship survey. Start clicking and you could be mastering Wii Tennis in no time.