Today, NIJIBOX Co.,Ltd., a Tokyo-based developer, publisher and operator of social games, announced the global release of Costume Fantasia on mig33, the largest mobile and web community in Southeast Asia with over 50 million users.

NIJIBOX, was founded 1st Nov. 2010 and since then has launched more than 30 social games on 17 platforms mainly in Japan, with a total users of over 2 million users. With the launch of its new social game, Costume Fantasia, NIJIBOX will leverage on the large user base of mig33 to reach out to a wider gaming community.

To summarize, Costume Fantasia is a feature phone RPG card game and is available for free. Costume Fantasia is available on WAP and J2ME environment, and is mainly targeting 2G device mobile users, which makes up most of the mig33 users. That being said, the system supports WAP, which is still available on any smartphone. The only drawback for 3G powered device is that the user interface would be of a lower quality as the interface is also optimized for the lower spec 2G devices.

Kei Sawada, one of the engineers of NIJIBOX, mentioned that Costume Fantasia can stand a chance to compete in the competitive social gaming space because it is the first Japanese Role Playing Game (RPG) card game to be launched onto mig33. There are no other similar games on the mig33 platform. Other than that, the game also features a ‘beautifully designed female Otaku characters’.

While there are a lot of interest towards 3G powered devices, many seem to be losing interest in lower end devices as well as those that are powered by the more primitive technologies such as WAP and J2ME, something which the Gen-Y would not have heard about. NIJIBOX seems to be doing things the other way round by targeting this group of userbase. It will be interesting to see how the market will respond to the new RPG card game.