Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi, one of the world’s largest taxi booking apps, will be waiving all charges for taxi drivers and passengers in Singapore. Starting from today, passengers taking rides booked through Easy Taxi will no longer need to pay a booking fee, and drivers will not need to pay any commission to Easy Taxi.

According to Tallis Gomes, Founder and Co-CEO of Easy Taxi, this move is due to their belief in the robustness of Singapore’s taxi market. “We believe in the Singapore market and that is why we are investing a lot here,” he noted, “We are building a marketplace with freedom of choice for both, taxi drivers and passengers in Singapore. Going completely free shows our commitment.”

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Since Easy Taxi launched in Singapore last December, its fleet has grown to 6,000 taxis, and currently boasts about 50,000 regular users. To further understand the taxi market in Singapore, as well as better match the demand and supply of taxis, the company has started analysing 90,000 data points it has collected since the Singapore operations started, said an official statement.

Jianggan Li, Managing Director, Easy Taxi Singapore shared that the results of the research will enable Easy Taxi to further enhance its taxi booking experience. “Taxis are an integrated part of Singapore life,” he remarked,  “We believe that with the intelligence gathered through data, we will be able to build a better experience for our stakeholders — drivers and passengers.”

Li further stated that Easy Taxi has done preliminary analysis of the data collected; a detailed analysis result will be released over the coming weeks.

According to the Co-CEO, this move is all about Easy Taxi’s stakeholders. “Easy Taxi will provide freedom of choice, convenience and better taxi experience. It will also make people less dependent on cars, making Singapore roads smoother and building a better environment for everyone,” he concluded.