Global B2C e-commerce sales is going strong, with Statista report stating that it made a remarkable US$1.7 trillion in 2015, projected to do US$1.92 trillion by the end of 2016, and growing to US$2.14 trillion in 2017, progressing all the way up to US$2.356 trillion in 2018.

However, of all 12-24 million e-commerce outlets on Internet, only three per cent are able to net over US$1,000 per year in sales.

Where did we go wrong?

Though there can be endless reasons why a sweeping majority of online commerce retailers fail to impress their visitors to the point they turn into their satisfied customers, one major area where they lack is none other than e-commerce conversion optimisation.

Check out the following infographic by UK-based Technorian, e-commerce outlet specialised in WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento support services, to understand what you can do to improve it.


Image Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash