Remember RPGs like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas? Those titles were done by a studio named Obsidian Entertainment, well-known for creating RPGs and even action games with some hint of RPG elements in them.

So it’s a bit of a shocker that the company is working on an armored tank combat simulation called Armored Warfare. The PC game is billed as an online multiplayer modern tank combat game featuring Player vs. Player (PvP) battles with a hint of  co-operative Player vs. Environment (PvE) play where users can team up with others to take on challenging missions. Hopefully a tank-slash-artillery Horde mode?

Players can also build their private military by establishing relationships with other corporations and contractors for more experience points to upgrade your tank(s) with better firepower. So yes, while those do sound like an RPG stats-building mechanic of sorts, one can’t help that this is Obsidian Entertainment encroaching the territory of Wargaming.net‘s popular online game World of Tanks.

It should also be noted that Obsidian is partnering with online communications company My.com, which is under Russia’s internet bigwig Mail.ru, for this venture. Tank simulations might sound like a niche genre to some, but World of Tanks was reported to have more than 75 million registered users worldwide last year. It’s evident that Obsidian wants a good slice of that metal pie.

Players will be able to sign up for the closed beta when it hits PCs in 2014.